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The WebGen-WPS portal of the Institute of Cartography of the Dresden University of Technology offers potential users and developers of web generalisation services for vector data a collection of service descriptions. These provide the basis for their practical integration into existing local processings as well as a the guideance to the development of cooperative development. Additionally, this site provides detailed instructions for the local implementation and development of services and the basic service architecture.

Because of the orientation towards the existing WPS standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium, the described services can be generically accessed through standardised HTTP-GET & -POST methods, depending on their publication status. In addition, it is also possibile to apply the public services via the open source geographic information system OpenJUMP.

Building up this portal was part of a diploma thesis issued by the TU Dresden, which had the goal to categorize existing web processing services and to make a public access of the service descriptions. Categorization of services based on the generalization operators calssification shema used in the agent project. Furthermore, additional categories from different point of views were introduced. These are the type of geometries data represent, the processingtype of the service, how the services focus on objects and which type of objects do the data represent. These four types of grouping generalization services was used to build up the main menu of the side. Categorizing services after the agent project was done only in the meta keys of the describtions, due to the fact that they consist of a hugh amount of operators. They are visible in the tag cloud on the right side, depending on the current position in the navigation hierarchy. By clicking on a tag, the side will list all related entries with this key word. This effect is comparable with the search function of the side. Additionally, related entries are listed in the details view of a service description.

External informations related to this topics are accessible via the link section. The download section provides some test data and access to the open source software OpenJump and plug-ins which are necessary to make use of the services. An information page about WPS is still in process.

Registered users have the possibility to submit new entries and web-links. Furthermore, they have access to the internal notes in the details view of a service description. Internal notes contains existing (implementation-) problems of services, enhancement suggestions and miscellaneous notations which have to be eliminated or realized by further development. Due to this fact, users are not allowed to register themselves. Registration will be done by the side administrators and is planned to be restricted to developers and editors.

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